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Welcome to the internet home of the Pikes Peak PF & Quail Forever Chapter 247. A Local Pheasants Forever Chapter in Colorado. Pheasants Forever (PF) is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasant and other wildlife populations in North America. Read more about PF and our chapter.

2016 Annual Youth Outdoor Day!

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September 7th, 6pm-8pm


Pikes Peak PF Gun Club Shoot

Location: Pikes Peak Gun Club





Pikes Peak Pheasants / Quail Forever 2016 Youth Outreach and Chukar Hunt

Sunday October 2, 2016 from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM MDT Pikes Peak Pheasants / Quail Forever wants to invite all Youth ages 10 - 16 years of age (Young Ladies and Gentlemen) to come enjoy a great day in the outdoors. Come participate in our 2016 Youth Outreach and Chukar Hunt, get registered now there are limited spaces available.


 Activities will include:

* Orientation on Gun Safety

* Field Safety and Awareness

* Safety of Hunting with Dogs

* Trap Shooting

* Hunting Chukar in the field

* Cleaning and Preparing the birds harvested

* Fishing

* Archery

* 22 cal. Shooting Range

Lunches will be provided.     Shot Guns will be available.

Bring Sunscreen and jacket / rain coat you never know what the weather will be like.

2017 Annual Banquet (DETAILS TBD)

  Good Times, Good People & Good Food!!


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2016 M.U.L.E.Y. Kids Day (CLOSED)


  • What it is to be MINDFUL of, and show respects towards, wildlife.
  • A proper UNDERSTANDING of the relationship between the sports of shooting/hunting, and wildlife awareness and conservation.
  • The LEGAL use of shooting equipment including rifles, shotguns, handguns, bows, etc.
  • What it means to be an ETHICAL hunter.

The Program is to act as a gateway program to inspire, instruct and introduce youth to the shooting sports and conservation ensuring their continued growth.


Shooting Techniques and Firearm Safety:

Youth will fully understand the safety aspect of firearms and archery equipment before participating. This will include all types of firearms, archery equipment and range safety. Youth will learn the proper handling, aiming and firing of rifles, shotguns, handguns and archery equipment before participating in the shooting activities provided.

Practical Experience:

Youth will be provided with an opportunity to put into practice all skills and information which they have learned concerning proper safety and techniques.


Habitat is the natural conditions and environment in which wildlife species or plants live.

Wildlife play a vital role in a balanced and healthy environment.

Conservation practices for wildlife and their habitats play a large role in wildlife management.

Ethical Hunters always follow legal guidelines and regulations established by the government. Youth will learn the fundamentals of how, when, where, and why to hunt.

Mule Deer and Black Tailed Deer Biology will include the basic necessities of habitat, food and wildlife conservation, so that youth can understand the needs of these species. This will enable youth to be informed and active participants in conservation efforts.